Knoxville Mafia Insane Vice Lords gang members charged in heroin distribution ring

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Six members of the Mafia Insane Vice Lords street gang were indicted in a heroin distribution ring, according to Knox County District Attorney Office.

Knox County Attorney General Charme Allen said the case marks the first time that Knox County prosecutors have charged individuals using the state’s Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization statute and the first time the statute has been used to charge street game members in the state of Tennessee. “The RICO statute attacks the entirety of the organization,” said Assistant District Attorney Sean McDermott.

35 arrested in large-scale drug trafficking rings around Oak Ridge

CLINTON (WATE) – District Attorney General Dave Clark announced Monday that 35 people have been arrested in a multi-county criminal investigation that spanned several years.

A grand jury returned 119 indictments against 35 people in what District Attorney Clark said was a large-scale cocaine trafficking group. He said these are “major drug dealers,” and charges include everything from possessing more than 300 grams of cocaine to producing cocaine in a school zone.

Blount County designated as high-intensity drug area

The drug problem in Blount County is rampant enough to warrant a federal designation — and help from federal agencies, said the Director of National Drug Control Policy Michael Botticelli.

At a press conference Thursday afternoon at the West Knoxville campus of South College, Botticelli announced Blount is one of 14 counties in 10 states nationwide being newly designated as part of High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas. Along with Carroll and Grayson counties, both in Virginia, it was one of three Appalachian counties to be added.