Training Sessions

The mission of the Appalachia HIDTA Regional Training Initiative is to provide, in support of HIDTA initiatives, training opportunities that contribute directly toward accomplishing the goal of disrupting and dismantling drug trafficking organizations (DTOs). The training provided by the AHIDTA is designed to help fulfill requirements of the National HIDTA program to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of HIDTA initiatives.

Dark Web, Social Media Investigations and Current Drug Trends

  • date
    May 15 to May 17
  • time 8:00AM- 5:00PM
  • location Lexington, KY
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Dark Web/Cyber Investigations course will coverĀ personal, investigative and undercover cybersecurity and provides an understanding of how to protect computers and investigations from being compromised.

Social Media Investigation will provideĀ an overview of a plethora of websites that can provide valuable information for a criminal investigation. We will discuss how investigators can locate resources on the Web and how to apply them to their investigations.

Current Drug Trends will provide an in-depth look at the identification of various controlled and non-controlled substances, as well as their associated paraphernalia. Officers will be introduced to drug recognition, to include history and development of drugs, the Controlled Substances Act, and an orientation to the categories of drugs, and drug schedules.