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The mission of the Appalachia HIDTA Regional Training Initiative is to provide, in support of HIDTA initiatives, training opportunities that contribute directly toward accomplishing the goal of disrupting and dismantling drug trafficking organizations (DTOs). The training provided by the AHIDTA is designed to help fulfill requirements of the National HIDTA program to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of HIDTA initiatives.

Behavior Analysis and Interviewing Techniques - B.A.I.T.

  • date
    Oct 10 to Oct 12
  • time 8:00AM- 5:00PM
  • location Lexington, KY
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Behavior Analysis and Interviewing Techniques (B.A.I.T.) is a process of effective criminal recognition, investigative interviewing, and an essential interrogation format found most effective in information extraction. Considering officers will conduct some form of interview with every encounter, our number one goal is to develop enhanced skills so attendees are more efficient, effective, and observant. As a comprehensive curriculum, B.A.I.T. stresses issues and develops skills related to officer safety, behavioral and verbal response recognition. Attendees learn the concepts and methods associated with effective and rapid behavior recognition, interviewing, and interrogation techniques. These techniques draw upon the safest, universally accepted, and researched systems officers can deploy when conducting any type of interview.